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Calling all Chili heads

Each of our sauces are hand crafted, allowing the different peppers we use to impart their distinct flavors and heat levels to each sauce.


Are you a chili head, looking for your next spicy fix? We are your destination restaurant for all things crazy hot, so stop in today!

Sweetwater Death †††††

Sweet and hot,

we hope your tongue can stand it.  


Miss Molly’s Kiss of Death ††††††

Live to tell about sweet

Molly’s deadly kiss.


Blackbart’s Desert Death †††††††

Burial expenses are not covered by us.


Scorpion Venom ††††††††

Eat at your own risk.


Try our unique, homemade sauces

"Had the Chuckwagon! It was amazing to bite into fresh and juicy beef and pork that you could tell had just come off of the grill"

- Nik R.

Cactus Bob’s has the largest and hottest selections of "spicy" BBQ Sauces in the Des Moines area. Our wall of flame, located in the lobby of our restaurant, has unique, handcrafted sauces and is not for the faint of heart.

It's all about the sauce!

Cactus Bob 145

Last Stand at the OK Corral

Be the last gunfighter standing.


Dead Man’s Gulch ††

Hot as the desert,

we hope you survive the heat. 


Tombstone †††

We’ll find you a nice spot

in the Boothill Cemetery.


Rattlesnake Venom ††††

There ain’t no cure

for this snake’s bite. Mustard Style!

Wall-of-fame-image-1-290-190 Wall-of-fame-image-3-290-190